Help with setting networkownership to a player, but not allowing the player to apply forces to the part

So i have a jet, and once the player gets in the jet seat, they are able to turn the engine on and fly around. However the issue I have is when they stop the engine (therefore no longer using fuel) but still having them the networkowner of the vehicle so there is no lag, I want to make it so the player (or rather a hacker) cant just put forces on the vehicle even when the engine is off (since they can do this as they are the network owner).

Calling SetNetworkOwner() or SetNetworkOwner(nil) on an instance will give network ownership of that instance to the server thus preventing potential exploits.

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Yes I can set the networkowner to nil once the engine is turned off, however there is a lot of lag when this is done. I would rather the client still have networkownership of the jet when it is turned off