Help with Showcase Spawn

I’m making a showcase called “One Road” where you spawn in a car in first person and a guy drive around a hyper-realistic environment ranging from the wilderness all the way to the big city. Can anyone help with this spawn area? Basically I need the player to spawn in the passenger seat of this car.

jumping/walking is turned off so they don’t fall out and I need the player to just be in the seat. Is there any way to make a seat that checks for the player every second for thirty seconds and then stops so it doesn’t lag the game?

Seat.Occupant, A read-only value that represents the humanoid sitting on it.

DistanceToCharacter, A very useless but simple way to check if the player is near a point.

If you want to tie the player to the seat with no hope of escaping, you can

  1. Weld the player to the seat.
  2. Prevent the player from jumping.
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  1. I don’t know how to weld :frowning:
  2. I did that but didn’t help.

Try this

game.Workspace.PasengerSeat:Sit(plr) --This should have the player sit though I might have the wrong function.

If that does not work try doing this instead

game.Workspace.PasengerSeat:Sit(plr.Character) --This should have the player sit though I might have the wrong function.

Creating welds from scratch is a really tedious task because it’s so complicated. Before I pull out a weld script and start modifying it,try doing

    Humanoid:SetStateEnabled(Enum.HumanoidStateType.Jumping, false)

it’s actually workspace.PassengerSeat:Sit(plr.Character.Humanoid)

@Ailore I get an error when i put humanoid in it.

@henberrysodapop It doesn’t work but no error appears. Something is missing.

Can you provide the error and the script you used?

Did you try :sit(plr) that might work.

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@Ailore yeah sure can (Jk but there wasn’t an error as I said before. Make sure to read before you post).

when I did that it said I was dead or not human in the error message.

The Api specifically says to use Humanoid.

Try this:


If it doe not work play around with the humanoid, player, or part in the character. It works for me with a proximity prompt. Have the part be spawn so they instantly get teleported there.

so I looked around and the answer might be inside the kill brick scripts on Roblox

function OnTouched(part)
	local humanoid = part.Parent:FindFirstChild("Humanoid") 
	if (humanoid ~= nil) then	-- if a humanoid exists, then

Idk how to do the :Sit function on it tho.

Wait I just figured out why the plauerAdded event was not working! You have to do this before the humanoid sits:

where do I add the line of code though?


that should work.

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Still doesn’t work


Does it give you any error in the output?

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