Help with Signalling system

I am trying to make an Train signalling system, but I do not know how to do. I want it so if a train is at Block 1, the signal will be red, Block 2 will be Yellow, Block 3 is Double yellow and 4th block is green. And I want to make an system where if a train ignores the red signal, after passing it it will force the train to stop and unable to move for a few seconds.

Do you have anything started or are you asking us to get you started?

Basically a trigger next to each signal with a value to indicate the signal state. If it is red then the method to stop the train would depend on how the train is being moved in the first place.

I will assume you want to do something like this:
You could have an Event that waits for Part to be .Touched by the train and then checks the next signals in to set the correct signal based on the next signals.

As for stopping the train that depends on the system you are using for the train movements.

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Yes I do, It’s regisignalling v2.4 but I seem to not understand how it works aand how to set it up. You can search it up on Dev forum he posted his tech there, but I have sent him an message regarding how to set it up, but he has not responded.

I have tried to make my own system, but I do not know how to link each light signal pole thing together, and I do not want to code every possible combination of signals.

You could group them together in a group and then use

for _, Signal in SignalFolder:GetChildren() do
 -- ... code

and name all signals numerically (1, 2, 3, …) so every signal can do i+1 to know the state of the next signal.

I actually don’t even know how to read code or script.

Could you possibly make a demo of it?

Sadly you will need to learn how to script to create the system or you can only use freemodel systems.

If you are looking for a place to learn Script check the Dev documentation: Scripting | Documentation - Roblox Creator Hub


No, we are not here to script the model for you, you can pay someone on Talent hub or Community servers to script for you.

Also if possible try to reply in 1 reply or edit your response.

I don’t know why but when I click these document links it never works.

Never saw that, looks like an issue on your end.
Here is the direct link

If you could get me started it would be nice

Doesn’t work, it shows me for one second and goes to all black

Then that is an issue on your end and I can’t help you with that. I suggest using different browser (I reccomend Firefox) or checking the docs on mobile.

Could you try to make one for me, 4 sets of signal ligths for 4 blocks and a working aws system, I can pay you if you want.

Nevermind, just saw your edit.

No, as I said there are pages like and community websites where you can pay people to create the systems for you.

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