Help with simple gun firerate

So I followed alvinblox’s newest gun tutorial to make a gun. Here is the video: Make a GUN in Roblox in 10 minutes - YouTube
I don’t understand How I can add firerate. I’m also using attributes to make adjusting firerate easy. This shouldn’t be too hard to add.(I hope.)
If you need any further information, tell me. I also want to play a shooting noise that won’t be spammed when you use an auto clicker or something like that.

SemiAuto firerate:

local FireDB = false
      if not FireDB then
            FireDB = true
            -- do fire stuff
            FireDB = false

Auto: Do the same thing but with Mouse.Button1Down and Up instead of activated
(You can also try doing the DB on the server so exploiters don’t abuse it)

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It works, thank you, I was debating posting this topic because it’s so simple and because of that no one would reply.

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