Help with skinned mesh objects

  1. What do you want to achieve?
    I wanted to create a hidden immunity idol type object for fun, and I successfully created it.

But then I thought I’d take it to next level by making it’s physics more realistic, by that I mean trying to make it so the rope on it can move around like a rope realistically should, and the same with the gem thing(basically just real life physics) So I followed this tutorial, and came up with this:

Roblox Studio:

Once I had it in Roblox studio, I tested it, and it seems as if it was anchored, and yes, the model is unachored.

But then I thought that it might be because the bones are anchored, but I couldn’t unanchor those(makes sense though.)

I have tried many youtube videos, dough through many devforum post, and still couldn’t find something to help. I’m pretty sure people may using scripts like this one, But I’m no complex scripter.

I am very new to the armatur concept and use, so please go easy on me :grinning:


I found a post about this, you sure you searched thru the devforum a lot?

I can barely even make a house in blender so I have no idea how I’d even begin to make a rig. Anyways, hope this helps you.

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Thanks for your reply!
I did all the steps the post pointed out, but it didnt work.

I believe it is because the mesh he is using it so simple, he probably only has 1 bone in it
Screen Shot 2023-06-02 at 7.49.47 PM

First, put the script inside of the MESHPART. After that, Change the Value to the bone you want to wobble. And you are done!

But the mesh that I have has 34 :grinning:

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I’ll try to find another better module for you. It might take awhile though.

Maybe this may work, I’m unsure though:

I appreciate the amount of effort you put into this!
I dedicated about 10 minutes trying to wrap my head around the response, and it seems like it’s intended for someone with a higher level of expertise in scripting and rigging. Maybe I should consider shifting the topic to scripting support instead?
Just the thought of naming the skinned vertex group after various R15 joints overwhelms my mind and leaves me completely blank. I feel bad for making you dig into subjects that are scarce in information and lack explanations, especially if you don’t have much experience in this particular area!

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