Help with small area

Problem: I have this small area where people go to buy their stuff but I feel that it looks a bit plain, any ideas on what I should add to this area?


Consider adding a bench it would fill the place up a bit.


I’d recommend adding some kind of fountain or courtyard. It would match the aesthetic of the buildings pretty well and fill out the space a bit.


I think maybe making it just a tiny bit bigger and everything looks a bit bright.

Maybe adding decorations and small little details no one really notices will help. It adds to the aura you want the players to feel while theyre playing your game. Adding a small pond would be nice.

Try adding like a cool shaped pond in the middle.

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I agree, that’s what I was thinking.

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You just add some paths leading to the stores like a stone path and a fountain in the middle of it.

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Add maybe a path leading to the bridge and buildings. Add more rocks, different tree models, and some grass or at least resize each of those tree models differently so they don’t look so copy and pasted and look more natural. Maybe add a small pond in the middle on the path with some benches around it and maybe the water flowing off the island. Also maybe some 3d clouds floating below or above the island and add little variation in height with the terrain with some small hills so it’s not so flat. Hope some of these ideas helped.


Maybe add a path, possibly made out of rocks.


I think that a campfire on the middle and a path that splits in two different directions would be great for filling the space.

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Flowers and a water fountain would be nice.

You could add the following:

  • Flowers
  • Water fountain
  • Paths
    You could even add a campfire w/ logs surrounding the campfire. If you do that, I’d recommend setting the time to night or you can keep in on it’s usual day/night cycle.
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Hey DevJolly,

The setting you have is beautiful. It is a bit empty, so I’ll tell you my vision. Take what ya want from it, and best of luck with your project.

First thing I think of for this build is a central tourist town place or marketplace. I think from the bridge there should be a stone pathway to the center where it bubbles into a cul-de-sac of shops and liveliness. I think you should have foodtrucks on one end, buildings (shop n restaraunts) center stage, and perhaps an amphitheater on the other side. I would add more rocks, and have various trees. I would also include a water fountain in the middle of the island. Finally, place a sign with the island’s name next to the bridge. Keep the trees, and if you can add more rocks varing in sizes.

Since it’s a small build, I wouldn’t add much details around. I’d recommend you to change a bit those pine trees into a more low-polystic style, because they look plane too.
You could add some small islands around that main island, which will look better as a “sky realm”.
First of all, make a rocky path that leads from those shops to the bridge. Near path, place some lanterns and benches. Maybe some barrels and crates near lanterns?
You can also find a good spot to place benches and a table with some food on it, like fruits! Grass could be added near pine trees and benches and that’s it!
Your low-poly “sky realm” would look much better!
Bonus: I just got a great idea while writing this post, at the start I mentioned some small islands around. On one of these islands, in the distance, you could add a small low-poly windmill or watermill (even if it is in the sky).

Thank you for reading and I hope I inspired you a little! :smile:

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id suggest just adding generic decor such as paths, benches, maybe a fountain etc

You could add as @ChipioIndustries said and…

You could also add like a few props like a low-poly bicycle leaning onto the shop or something like that.

Great build and Good luck on your Project. :+1:

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Thank you for all your help!
This is how much I have done:

Any more suggestions?


It looks great in my opinion. You could possibly add some trees in this area but that might also make it over-crowded and ruin it.

Good job :+1:

I do think you should add maybe two trees around the lake, and also some supports from the island bottom to a part of the bridge, or tighten the rope above. It looks like it is floating.