Help With Solar Horizons Lightsabers

Hey guys, I am trying to make a working lightsaber, using solar horizons lightsabers here- . They don’t seem to work though; I followed a youtube tutorial and did everything needed, but to no avail. I get one error, animation failed to load. So does anyone have a working one or can help me out a bit here?

is your animationid empty? Also is your animation still working?

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No, my animation ids were filled out, and its the animations that don’t work. In the animation folder I uploaded all of the anims to roblox and got their ids and replaced them, so I did them right.

Maybe try to instance new animations in a local script? Like:
local animation =“Animation”)
animation.AnimationId = “rbxassetid://”
local AnimName = Humanoid:LoadAnimation

I dont know if it is what you want but maybe it could work

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Have you tried to publishing the game and trying it not in studio?

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Yes, indeed I have. Darn 30n charaacters

What does says the exact error line?


I left studio and re joined, and now its suddenly working!

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Anyone getting this error?

Happens when your press ctrl, I am sure on how to fix it.