Help with speedrun game

Game: Speed Platformer - Roblox

Ok, so my team and I were working on the following game. It is now in a finished state only needing polishing. If anyone could find bugs, give feedback, etc. that would be helpful.

Known bugs:

  • X button is too small
  • Lives can go negative
  • Lives sometime dont affect
  • Map need borders
  • Fix shop UI
  • Add end tracker



Is clipping counted as bug or not?

Could I see some images of that?

X on finish screen is a little too small for my tastes and usually would be on the right side just to follow common UI design.

Will fix! I think that is because of the UI Aspect Ratio

Shop UI is not working correctly. Buttons show text underneath and it says already bought when you try to buy an item.

Candy Land map is too close to lobby, and you can jump into lobby with no problems.

Added those, and more to my list.

Lack of a clear finish line and clear route makes some of the courses confusing to play through.

Mostly you should just go foward and turn with the map and the last block is the end.

I will add a BillboardGui to find it

Lobby is not blocked in at all. I really like the concept of the game and the game play is pretty good. One last thing: I know that a lot of retro runner games have problems with it too, but making jumps more powerful off of uphill inclines would be nice.

Sorry for using other user’s video, but something like this

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the low poly map kill platform is having a slow killing reaction (it kills me after nearly 2 seconds after touching it)

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They all use a single API, I will check.

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What’s up with my avatar having no neck? Looks weird to me.