Help with spells switch, inventory and datastore

Hello. I am trying to make it that in your spells inventory, you can click them and it turns white, when its white you can click on any slot of your equipped spells to replace it. This is something i have been trying to do for days (also if possible save your spells inventory)

The fireball buttons are also placeholders

Here is the hierarchy btw

What have you tried so far? And what issues have you encountered

For now i have absolutely no idea where to start so some indications would be nice

Personally, I would:

  1. Have some way of storing what spell the player currently has selected. You can use an attribute, variable or value object.
  2. When one of the spells in the inventory is clicked, such as fireball, turn the value of the attribute/variable to “Fireball” or some ID which represents fireball. Whenever the inventory is closed your going to want to set this variable back to “NothingSelected”
  3. Then, when one of the spell slots is clicked, look to that variable to decide on what to switch that slot to.
  4. Then, reset the variable and set it back to “NothingSelected”

There is more this obviously, say if you set slot 3 to fireball but slot 1 is already fireball, does that mean slot 1 clears?

can you send me a copy of this in studio?

To achieve the functionality you described in Roblox, you can use a combination of GUI elements and scripting. Here’s an outline of the steps you can follow:

  1. Create a GUI for the spells inventory: Design a GUI that displays the spells inventory slots. Each slot should have a clickable button to represent a spell.
  2. Implement the click behavior: Write a script that handles the click event for each spell button. When a spell button is clicked, you can change its color to white to indicate selection.
  3. Track the selected spell: Store the selected spell in a variable. You can use a variable to keep track of the currently selected spell button.
  4. Handle equipped spell slots: Write a script to handle the click event for equipped spell slots. When an equipped spell slot is clicked and a spell is selected, replace the spell in that slot with the selected spell.
  5. Save the spells inventory: To save the spells inventory, you can use a data store or a similar data persistence method. Whenever a spell is added or replaced, update the saved data accordingly.

Here’s a simplified example of how the code structure could look like:

-- Define variables
local selectedSpell = nil
local equippedSpells = {} -- Store the equipped spells data

-- Function to handle spell button clicks
local function onSpellButtonClick(spellButton)
    -- Clear previous selection
    if selectedSpell then
        selectedSpell.BackgroundColor3 = Color3.fromRGB(255, 255, 255)
    -- Update selected spell
    selectedSpell = spellButton
    spellButton.BackgroundColor3 = Color3.fromRGB(255, 255, 255)

-- Function to handle equipped spell slot clicks
local function onEquippedSlotClick(slotButton)
    if selectedSpell then
        -- Replace the spell in the equipped slot
        local slotIndex = tonumber(slotButton.Name)
        equippedSpells[slotIndex] = selectedSpell.Name
        -- Update the GUI or perform other actions based on the equipped spell change
        -- ...
        -- Clear the selection
        selectedSpell.BackgroundColor3 = Color3.fromRGB(255, 255, 255)
        selectedSpell = nil

-- Connect the click events for the spell buttons
for _, spellButton in ipairs(spellButtons:GetChildren()) do

-- Connect the click events for the equipped spell slots
for _, slotButton in ipairs(equippedSlots:GetChildren()) do

In this example, spellButtons and equippedSlots are GUI elements that represent the spell buttons and equipped spell slots, respectively. The onSpellButtonClick function handles the click event for the spell buttons, and the onEquippedSlotClick function handles the click event for the equipped spell slots.

You can customize the code based on your specific GUI elements and game requirements. Additionally, you’ll need to implement the data saving and loading logic using a suitable method like a data store or data persistence service.

Remember to adapt the code to fit your specific GUI structure and data management needs.

That weirdly sounds Chat GPT generated, But thanks i’ll try these steps out!