Help with starting a group game

So me and my partner Tentrant have been wanting to start a restaurant group for a while now, the game itself is coming out soon but no matter what development skills we both may possess, there is not a really good way to lift the group of the ground.

Asking for investors seems to be not allowed on DevForum so if anyone can suggest how can I make the group expand or the group game itself and if there is a way to get sponsors tell me.

Thanks for reading :smile:

I did a few different cafe groups back in the day and here is what I learned.

1- Users don’t like there to be a ton of “pay to access” areas.

2- Do not use the name of a real organization. I got strikes against me for using real life brand names like “Starbucks”

3- Even though the group aspect is going to be the most important to you and your partner, as it is what you will spend the most time managing, the game play is what is most important to your players. It’s really easy to set up solid group infrastructure and let that trick you into thinking everything is great, when your physical “game” isn’t that enjoyable for users who don’t “work” behind the counter to play.

To combat that, add fun things like a pool, park, lounge, dance floor, ect. This gives users other things to do rather than to just “eat” the food you are serving as the restaurant.


Currently working on a Bakery group with a few friends. We had a launch and are relaunching due to improvements we are making. Few tips:

  • Add more content than just buying / working. The player retention will be terrible without it.

  • Automate working if possible, will make it more fun and easier to handle.

  • Optimize your ads before putting too much into it. Putting too much money into low CTR ads will just waste your money.

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I agree with ads point but where can I get funds at temporarily

You don’t need a huge amount, or even any to start. Manually recruit members and reinvest sales.

I can recruit people easily but I can’t recruit customers because currently I have no robux for ads

Engage with your members, host often, and don’t try to be overly strict unless you specifically want an older audience.