Help with "streak"

It only updates showing your streak when u die/rejoin
It doesn’t update topstreak


You should have an event where it checks when a player’s streak value has changed. You can read more with this: Changed/GetPropertyChangedSignal - When and how to use them - Resources / Community Tutorials - Developer Forum | Roblox

The repeat wait(0.02) end is very unhelpful it does nothing and has no reason to stop. Those three lines need to be removed, I am unsure if it will fix everything; as the Dragon said you should be using events for this.

i edited the message lol, deleted parts of the script

Remove this lol it serves no purpose.

That’s because you never told TopStreak to update. If Streak is zero, TopStreak changes to zero. Otherwise, nothing happens to TopStreak.

This is something you want to fire using Events, as others have said. Whatever this is a streak of, you can create an event that fires when it happens and update your streak value whenever it needs to be updated. this will be more responsive than your current code and far more efficient processing-wise.