Help with SurfaceAppearances as Bullet Holes

I’ve made a post about this before but this is a little different, In my game I want realistic bullet holes, so I purchased a pack for like $10 of bullet hole decals for unreal engine, as I thought they were Decals, but apparently not. How can I import these into a surface appearance? I’ve already tried but it’s a little confusing so I don’t know what exactly to import these under (Normal, Color, Metalness, Roughness, etc) Also how can I make the background transparent without making the images dissapear? And how can I give it a concrete look?

Also heres what I have so far:

SurfaceAppearances are only used for meshes, you will have to use a flat image for the decal texture

So I cant use this for bullet holes?

If you use a simple plane mesh you can

Just import the mesh into roblox, add the surfaceappearance. Set the mode at the top to “transparent”

You were probably better off to use a free .png image decal on a very thin transparent Part.
You could set the Transparency of the image so the background would show up (ex. Concrete, Wood, Metal etc.).
There’s lots of posts on the forum about how people have created bullet holes in their games.

you can, you just need a flat mesh.

A couple problems, 1, the transparency part doesnt work, everything becomes invisible, 2, which images do I put in each? some work for a couple and some work for only one

here’s a flat plane mesh although taeks 2 seconds in blender

I think you would find more help in #help-and-feedback:building-support. Regardless, you can possibly try these.
output-onlinepngtools (15)
output-onlinepngtools (16)

This happens, it does fit.

I can try those, but it would probably look messy + i have like 5 - 10 different types of bullet holes for 20+ materials so it would take forever

Try to insert surfaceappearance into your plane mesh, set the properties,
then set it to 0.011 transparency and set the mod to "transparency " in surfaceappearance.

doesnt change

I think you would need to place your uv maps to match where the bullet hole texture is.

The UV’s are the issue. I’d recommend taking some time to learn what PBR actually is, and then working it out from there. The color map dictates the transparency of the image. Change the alpha mode to “transparent” After inputting all of your images into it. You can use this mesh which should have the proper UV’s
BulletHole.fbx (11.3 KB)
I’ve gone ahead and removed the black background and made it transparent, as without it being transparent and in PNG format the image won’t become the shape of the bullet hole.
(Download this image)

Then, If all is done correctly, the resulting bullet hole should look like this.

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Wow thanks! I seem to understand, but I didn’t see any way to add a material look or color onto it besides getting the concrete texture or color.

Yeah you’d likely have to change it in another program unless it came with a colormap.

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