Help with switching from Blender 2.79 to 2.8?

So recently I got a new laptop and when I re-downloaded Blender I realized that I would have 2.8. I finally learned my way around Blender 2.79 and diving headfirst into Blender 2.8 hasn’t went as smoothly as I’d have liked. Does anyone have any recommendations, tutorials, etc for switching over to 2.8?

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Hey! I did a lot when i got my new computer and one of them was getting Blender 2.8, i was really used to 2.79 and it took me about 3 days to really understand everything. I was so used to blender 2.79 i actually changed a lot of the key binds and a lot of people did that to. A guy i like to watch and did watch to help me out was Blender Guru on YouTube it somewhat helped but at the same time i explored it for myself.

What i really liked about 2.79 was the Flying/Walk in blender for some reason i couldn’t find it in 2.8 and i was pretty frustrated,but then i finally found out how to add it. But if you really liked that here’s what i did and also if you want to change your key binds. Keymap is where you will change your key binds.


In my opinion its a lot easier to get around in blender with this :wink:

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It’s a lot easier when you get used to it, it just takes a little more time to re-learn sadly.

You can also find this option in Preferences > Keymap.
It will allow you to select objects with right click, just like in older blender(s)

The largest differences I’ve noticed between 2.79 and 2.8 is that the latter is more material node focused, now that the Principaled BSDF is set to the default as well as a more beefy real time material viewer. I highly recommend learning how to use the Shader workspace (where the nodes are best laid out) and just playing around with materials.

There’s also the option to download 2.79 if all else fails, but I don’t recommend that.

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