Help with terrain grass

I’m working on a procedurally generated planet game, and, I was wondering if theres a way to make grass not only appear on top of terrain.
If it is not possible I would appreciate another method of generating grass.


I’m working on a planet generation rn, so I can answer this. Basically, you need to create a material override for the grass terrain. Then you would need to find a grass material

I was refering to geometric grass

Oh, like the decoration? I don’t think there is a way
You could use meshes or beams, but that would probably be very laggy

ye cuz planets have like 100 million studs surface, I think I’ll have to accept it :confused:

You could try some sort of dynamic loading system, idk how well it would work

I actually have one to load trees, minerals and plants the problem is that when a game has a lot of parts it kicks me out and tells me to check my internet connection so I had to modify that system so the player generates trees, plants and minerals so I can’t really do much.