Help with the camera

I would like to be able to see my character next to my GUI, like in this “open source” avatar editor game:

However I would also like to be able to move the character without leaving the frame and to be able to look at him in all directions. So I thought something like this might be fine, however I’m not sure as I’ve never had any experience with the camera:

Obviously together with the “camera” defined by the black line, the purple “look direction” line will rotate and the avatar will remain stationary (or moving) and always present on the right.

If anyone who has experience with the camera can help me it is really appreciated.

If anyone has a better title to propose for the topic just let me know.

So, you want the character to rotate, while the camera stays static?

I’m not completely sure what you mean but if you are looking for a static camera that won’t move with the character:

You can create an invisible part where you want the camera to be then set the camera to scriptable and set it’s CFrame to the camera part. You could have other code to rotate the player themselves while the camera would stay in that set position.

no, i want to move the camera around the player with the avatar on the right side of the screen

no, I need a non-static camera that can rotate around the avatar but with the avatar on the right side of the screen (not a spinning avatar on the side)

Ohhh, I think what I said would still work. Just move the part around instead of the player, would take some math to do though.

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What if I move the normal camera a little to the left, so that it moves around the avatar that stays on the right? and… how i can move the camera?.. i think by editing the CFrame, like:

currentCamera.CFrame = currentCamera.CFrame +

well this code is not working… how can i do it? ill maybe try to search a tutorial too

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