Help with the Castle Design

For my castle that I am building, I do not know what to put on the outside of it. It is quite plain. I do intend to add some windows for archers etc but other than that I don’t really know what to add. The towers are not complete yet and there will be pyramids ontop of them.


Looks like a good start, I’d try looking up some images of castles to use as reference. The walls don’t necessarily need to be very detailed if you’re going to build inside them (i.e. buildings within the walls).

Thank you for that, there will be buildings inside.

textures or more noticable materials would be cool

I’m going for the Low-Poly approach. But a little twist. :slight_smile:

I didn’t really understand your question but then I reread it my apologies. In all it really depends on the kind of theme of the castle your going for is this going to be a home like what people live in sometimes?

Overall the design in general is nice when making the “corner towers” “flanking tower” you want to include a bunch of details don’t make all the towers have similar designs change a lot of things mostly flanking towers that are used and apart of the tower there isn’t no roof meaning it’ll be used for walking or being on patrol to see if anything is happening out there. Maybe add different shapes on the sides of the castle featuring a more put together roof something similar seen in the reference image below.

Depending on what kind of castle it would be, the walls are made as proper protection. With that being said consider placing a smaller wall surrounding the castle itself to protect the build from people getting in or attacking it more easier mainly keeping it safe from people on the lower standing.

Those corner towers, they usually have windows were archers will have to look through without being shot at or getting hurt easily however this is something to take when creating the entire castle hope to see the final product soon.