Help with the logo choose [I am NOT logo artist]

Hi, devs! I created a page logo. And don’t know got it or no.

First logo:

Changes: The third logo deleted. Thank you to StarShyren for showing my grammar mistake. Thank you for the advice of changing the character into a Roblox character. I used it in the first logo. Also, the second logo was deleted because it looks like a thumbnail. Also, I changed the first logo. Thank you to DavidNet22 for the tips. I will wait for feedback on the new logo.


I think the texture for the deagles on the 1st and 2nd game icon have just a bit too low resolution.

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The first one is the best of them all. I know you are a begginer, so I’ll give you some tips.

When doing a logo, look for a color palette, cuz that bg you added to the first one, does not match at all with the color of the text you added.

1st one:

  • Matchs with the font of your second example, but you need to find a better color palette

2nd one:

  • It does not have the size of an icon. Icons are square amd yours looks like a YT banner.
  • The text should be centered and straight
  • The characater should be centered

3rd one:

  • Good job on saying this, do not claim other’s work as yours. Therefore, do not use this
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Think the first two the guns don’t look good. On the third I like but I think you should change the character in it to a roblox character.

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I like the third the most, but just a quick fyi the proper grammar would be fight for your life, not fight for your live.

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