Help with the particles of my rocket

Hello, I would like to create a cutscene with this rocket taking off but the particles follow the object when I move it and so it does not give a realistic effect.

robloxapp-20210512-1020156.wmv (1.4 MB)

So I would like to know how to make so that my particles stay in their place and do not move when I move the model of my rocket. Thank you in advance :smile:.

are you using beam?
it seems like its a beam its better to use ParticleEmmitter object as it gives the effect that you want

To fix them rigidly attaching when moved in studio you want to disable LockedToPart.

If the rocket is moving in game via forces, you can enable VelocityInheritance so the particles still accelerate relative the rocket’s velocity now after LockedToPart is disabled.

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