Help with tilting for my helicopter

So i have my whole helicopter system done except the tilting.
I have tried using BodyAngularVelocity and CFrame but it just doesn’t seem to work

I have no further clue of how to do it, people said i should use Welds but i also have no clue of how to do that. If someone can help me that would be extremely appreciated!

Here is a photo of the helicopter and all parts (maybe it can help you)

you should use a bodygyro.You basically input a CFrame value and it will try to make the helicopter get to the goal CFrame

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Maybe just try tweening the helicopter?

Do you have a video? Or can you describe how it moves? I’m not sure there is enough info here for people to help you. I don’t see any scripts in your model screenshot. When you say you have your system done, what does it do. So you can go up down, left, right forward back, sideways, can you yaw(rotate on Y asix?) Does it auto-yaw?

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I use BodyAngularVelocity for steering and BodyVelocity for the movement of the helicopter

I use a serverscript for the steering and moving forward and a localscript for the up and down

What do you mean by “tilting”? Do you mean moving the helicopter along its pitch or by its yaw?
As the first post mentioned, why not just use body gyro to make the model tilt.

this is basically what i am trying to get

ill try using BodyGyro, ill tell you if i encounter a problem with it

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Yep body gyro could do the trick or you could directly CFrame the rootpart if it’s welded.

The actual rotation should be similar to this tilt script to make the helicopter lean in the direction it is going which is it’s velocity:

I’ve made my own here but the resource seems to be more versatile for R15 and R6.

Hope you can work out from there and apply it to a helicopter.

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