Help with Tool Grip

I really want this Pie to be held Straight and eaten the same way.

I’ve been messing with the Coordinates for around 20 minutes now. I still can’t figure out the right coordinates to make the Pie straight while eating and holding.

I’ve been messing with each Tool.Grip Coordinates and so far have only been able to make it slightly tilted.

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I’ve been using that, but the problem is it doesn’t keep that Grip after eating. Eating also can’t be edited with the Plugin.


You could try to use Motor6D and Animating it.
Or see any food items that Roblox made for the catalog


High hope for that working.

Thanks for the information

No problem :]

If you want to avoid downloading plugins, you can equip a food tool in avatar then join a game that it’s allowed on studio, copy and paste it.

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Don’t really get what that is supposed to mean. Mind explaining it in some more detail?

If you have any food items, equip it then join a game instudio that haves items allowed
Hold the item in your hand then copy it from your character and paste in studio


I see now, thanks a lot for the help!

I’ll be sure to test these things out and hopefully get a solution.

Since the items have their scripts in them, you could copy the geometry part of it.
Np :]

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Sadly, I’ve tried both Solutions and neither have worked.

I think it’s because your Avatar is R15 and the script dosen’t support it

Sorry if nothing i sayed helped, i never used geometry and stuff for Tools.

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My avatar is actually R15 instead of R6

Its alright, I’ll keep trying and sometime I’ll figure it out

Oh yea sorry about that i confused the numbers

Pretty sure the script works fine.

The coordinates are just wrong, and I don’t really understand them.

Messing with coordinates ia a pain, that’s why i never used it or even tried.
(Actually it’s way easier than minecraft’s)

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It really is a huge pain. But I’m tempted to get it to work.

As you mentioned it’s likely the Vector3 values you’re using just play around with them until you get the desired result.

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