Help with TPS gun

Hi. I need help with my gun.
I need a targeting animation. I did a rotation, but not vertically (with hands). I don’t know how to do it.
here is a video of what it looks like now
robloxapp-20220627-1625575.wmv (716.3 KB)
I will be happy for any help.

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Look here for information on how to create animations (with the default tools):

Information on how to load and run animations is contained here:

I know how to work with animations, but I don’t know how to direct it to the mouse.

What do you mean “direct it to the mouse”? Do you want to control animations through clicking?

no, but that the weapon be directed in the direction it will shoot. I used: GetMouse ()
and when firing, the bullet is aimed in that direction, but the weapon does not.
I don’t know how to point the weapon at the mouse.
Edit: I think this robloxapp-20220627-1715016.wmv (481.9 KB)

You could align the orientation of the player’s HumanoidRootPart in the direction of the shot using CFrame, and it would also align the gun

I’ve already done that, but not up and down with hands