Help with transparent parts

I need help with making transparent parts not have a weird face.
I cannot union them and i need to keep them at a transparency of 0.75 and keep them in a rectangular formation.


What do you mean by “weird face”? Is it the gap between each rectangle?

Yes, except there is no gap and it’s looks weird.

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You can just make a bigger rectangle

Yeah, but I need seperate parts

Here’s a solution that worked for me (this might answer another one of your posts you made after this one):

The method that worked for me was making the part itself completely invisible, then adding decals to the part’s sides and changing the transparency of those decals (using textures will not work).
For example, here are two different parts using the solution above:

(transparency of Parts are 1 and the transparency of Decals are 0.75)

Hope this solutions works for you!

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I’ve had this issue before. I fixed it by simply selecting all the parts and combining them using the union operation.

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