Help With "Try on" Gui Button

I’m trying to make it so when a player clicks a button. A Catalog hair is given to the players in Game character. What am I doing wrong? The highlighted script is where I think It went wrong. Also would the same script work for faces, hats, or packages? Thanks in advance.

There’s two h’s in https

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You have to use Accessories since there no is such thing as a Hair class or HairTemplate property.

An accessory includes a mesh that forms the hair/hat or any other accessories shape that you want.

What about the texture?


mesh does include TextureID too
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Like this then? Sorry if I’m asking stupid questions.

You are not able to use templates like clothing uses, you will need to use InsertService and then parent the accessory to their character. You can insert it with the snippet below, with the AssetId of the accessory. (Server Only)

local InsertService = game:GetService("InsertService")
local New_Accessory = InsertService:LoadAsset(accessoryId):GetChildren()[1]