Help with tween service

Hey! I’m trying to make a notification system, and I need it to only play the tween if the textlabel’s parent is Player GUI, then to reverse the tween. This is my code so far, but it will only play the tween, with no checks.

local Start =, 0,0,0)
local End =,0,0.223,0)

local guiObject = script.Parent
local function callback(state)
	if state == Enum.TweenStatus.Completed then
		print("The tween completed uninterrupted")
	elseif state == Enum.TweenStatus.Canceled then
		print("Another tween cancelled this one")
-- Initialize the GuiObject position, then start the tween:
guiObject.Position = Start
local willPlay = guiObject:TweenPosition(
	End,           -- Final position the tween should reach
	Enum.EasingDirection.In, -- Direction of the easing
	Enum.EasingStyle.Bounce,   -- Kind of easing to apply
	2,                       -- Duration of the tween in seconds
	true,                    -- Whether in-progress tweens are interrupted
	callback                 -- Function to be callled when on completion/cancelation
if willPlay then
	print("The tween will play")
	print("The tween will not play")