Help with UI and UX

I’m currently struggeling to figure out what’s the best strategy to lay my UI out. Currently, I have a menu button at the bottom of the screen, that when clicked, opens up a radial menu. However, I feel this could get clunky and be bad for user experience.

I want to add a backpack option, and I was thinking about replacing the shop button with the backpack, however I then don’t know where I can put the shop button without making it look weird. Since there’s very few UI elements on the players screen, I don’t just want to have a random shop button sitting somewhere :confused:

Should I remove the radial menu and just layout all the buttons some other way?

Any advice is greatly appreciated. I look at games like MeepCity and Adopt Me to see what they did, but I don’t wanna just be seen as ‘copying’ and wanted to come up with my user experience.

I’m not opposed to filling the screen with more UI either. It just happens that I kept all my UI elements kinda hidden under menus etc.

Could it be beneficial to move the menu button to the left of screen (centre-left) or is best kept at the bottom? Should I just remove the whole radial system, and just have all the buttons on display?

Perhaps put it somewhere and style it by the the cash UI, it seems fitting there possibly. (shop Icon)

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I love the radial menu, but if you’re going for a younger audience, simple buttons is best. Color code each button and place them vertically on the far left of the screen or horizontally at the top.


I was gonna do top, but MeepCity already does that

Not sure if it stands out enough tho :confused:

Don’t rotate the money display it is pixelated because Roblox’s GuiObject Rotation property causes sucky pixelation. Also, Maybe put the card to the left of the money icon outside of the money display if you don’t change the radial menu.

I like it rotated tho :confused: I know it’s pixelly which sucks, but it looks dull if it’s just straight and flat.

I decided to go for a simpler layout that hopefully younger people can understand a lil easier

I love both ways, good luck with the game :slight_smile: