Help with understanding

I had a guy help me with my Region3 Script, it works, but I have a problem understanding some of the code, and I was wondering if you guys can explain it to me or something. There are a couple of new concepts I have not learned yet.

Here is the code, I cant remember who helped me, he did most of the heavy lifting.

Thank you for your time.

local Workspace = workspace
local Part1 = Workspace.Region3Folder.F
local Part2 = Workspace.Region3Folder.E
local RandomObject =

local function RandomPoint(Part1, Part2, Axis) --Part1, Part2, Axis.
	return RandomObject:NextNumber(math.min(Part1.Position[Axis], Part2.Position[Axis]), math.max(Part1.Position[Axis], Part2.Position[Axis]))

local function SpawnRandomPart(Part1, Part2)
	local Part = workspace.Meteor:Clone()
	Part.Name = "MeteorDestroy"
	Part.Position =, Part2, "X"),RandomPoint(Part1, Part2, "Y") ,RandomPoint(Part1, Part2, "Z"))
	Part.Parent = Workspace

for i = 1, math.huge do
	SpawnRandomPart(Part1, Part2)
end has the same algorithm as math.random, but It’s not global so it has not been touched by other scripts.

math.random() is global is not