Help with updateasync()

in this post it said this:

however i have no idea what this means. Someone explain in more simpler words?

Tbh I think it is refering to either backups or preventing saves from multiple servers in a timespan.

That guide seems quite convolouted, stick to APIs and picking apart code if you are trying to learn, guides/tutorials will only show other peoples knowlage on the subject which at times can be helpful but its bad practice as many sources can be misleading by telling you how to use core principles.

I just read through the guide and tbh I do not recomend using it. All the information there seems regurgatated from forums and the API, I highly reccomend only using the API for datastores as 99% of people dont understand what the dss is really capable of.


If you need to know anything else feel free to ask

So as long as I follow tutorials from roblox like this I’m all good? Is it also worth learning and using datastore2 or is datastore more than adequate already to get the job done?

Datastore2 is rather pointless, its a easy option if you dont have tons of dss experience. It may be worth using until you learn more. Also yes the tutorials by roblox are good sources but just remember they only show the common uses for things.

Dss2 is ok but its quite old now and its functions are annoying as anything. I made something similar to it but made it less tardy to use with more functions which is why I only recommend using it until you can make your own dSS script on the same kind of level.

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How do I learn more on making my own datastore system? Picking apart datastore systems that people have already made? Thanks for your time.

Edit: How did you learn when you were first starting out with using datastoreservice?

Picking apart other peoples scripts can help give you different ideas on how to save/load data as well as functions. But the main thing that holds people back is that they forget datastores were originally designed to save either numbers or string.

I like to imagine DataSaving/loading like a file location.
Both the store name and identifier are string, this string can be formed by a script or put in like normal (key to remember that this applies to both).

With this you can start drafts on functions like so

function Save(Store,Identifier)


And adding differnt functions for multipurpose use is where you can start improving you skills with DSS

I learnt from the API and multiple redrafts, the way I learn is a write a script made for multi use and then come back to it when I learn something new that can be implimented, even if it means re-writing the whole thing, right now ive re-wrote my whole DSS script about 5 times but it is capable of cross-server saving, backups, bottemless saves, DSS networking and part saving as well as all the simple stuff. (I also made encryption but its just overkill at this point)

I uploaded a ancient version of it a long time ago that you can pick apart.

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Just stick to SetAsync() it’s typically the better option to use.

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I recommend using this video, it is very well made by a scripter that ACTUALLY knows how to script. If you are trying to learn DataStores, this video might be use to you!

How To Make a Currency System | RoScripter

(If you only want to learn the functions of a DataStore, I recommend using only the first part of the video.)

Here some other explanations:

and the API GlobalDataStore:UpdateAsync.
As mentioned in the tutorial already, if you plan to make a DataStore for your game though, I would just use ProfileService, it’s heavily tested already so probably more secure than scripting your own.

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