Help with using SetCore

So, I Recently Wrote A Script For My Dice Game. I’m On Chromebook So I Cant Really Test My Script. I Was Wondering If This Worked.

wait (5)
game.startergui.setCore {
Text=The Die Has Fallen!
Font= enum.font.cartoon,50,255)

I’m New To This Scripting Thing So Feedback Will Be Very Helpful! Thank You! :smile:

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Your code won’t work just like that. You need to amend it to something like the following:

local Dice1 = workspace.dice1
Dice1.Anchored = false

Basically your syntax is all wrong, perhaps look at some code in some free models to see how Lua’s syntax works.

You should also consult the following article to see how to put notifications onto players’ screen:

Hope this helps,
-Tom :slight_smile:

Could you give some context on what this script is supposed to do?

the script has to send a game message when the dice hits the ground

I doubt it would work. Just judging by the snippet, you’re missing syntax like " " or case-sensitive syntax like Enum.

ah, thanks for the advice! I might watch some of alvinblox scripting tutorials that will probably help

that will help alot, thank you! :smile:

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this is my best fix for this script because it won’t work otherwise

I also don’t know that much about lua

That script still won’t run due to capitalisations and incorrect calling of the SetCore method. As mentioned above, consult the articel that I linked to see how it all works.

same here, I just started to watch some scripting tutorials and picked up some things. Thanks for the fix!

ah ok. ill have to remember that to capitalize some of the functions. Thanks!

wait (5)
game.StarterGui.setCore {
Text="The Die Has Fallen!"
Font= Enum.Font.Cartoon,50,255)

You forgot the “” and all the properties has to be uppercased

I’ve moved this (back) to Scripting Support because OP does not need feedback/code review - they need basic scripting help.