Help with vehicle steering

I’m extremely new to vehicles and I’ve been having trouble with figuring out how to have power in the front wheels along with steering.

Here’s my current issue:

The front end is affected by nearly everything and the steering feels like it’s origin is from the middle of an axle rather than on the wheel

This is the set up. The wheels are moved by Cylindrical Constraints and the steering by Hinge Constraints.

Any help? Or better ways to handle this? OH! and is there any way to make the steering pivot the wheels only (like IRL) rather than a block controlling the wheels?

For the wheels turning, you can simply widen the middle bar and shorten the blue hinge bars. This would move the turning hinges further from the origin and make the wheels turn better

if you’re concerned about the wheels hitting the axle when they turn, you can use a no collision constrain between them to prevent is.

As for the hinge constraints seemingly being affected by rough terrain too much, you can play around with the restitution property of the hinge constraint. reducing this should make it less bouncy when it reaches the constraint limits. You might also want to check out ServoMaxTorque. Increasing this basically gives the hinge more strength to hold the blocks in the right angle.