Help with very large numbers on leaderboard

I’m not at all experienced with working with leaderboards and that stuff so I found a free one that I’m using since I’m dumb. But, I ran into the issue with when someone hits like the 9.2Qn mark it just breaks because of whatever the issue is (I forget). I have been looking for fixes for this but none of them have been working. I tried some fix but at a certain point it was just saying people were at inf and also I tried the eternitynum thing and I have no idea how to use it but when I try it just doesn’t even work (or it just puts everyone at 7Qn). Anybody know what I did wrong or any other ways I should use?

You can sacrifice a bit of precision with the money leaderboard and store Value / 1000000 or some other large number. It won’t affect the rankings but will just allow you to store the larger number. You’d just need to ensure that you multiply it by 1000000 again when you load the leaderboard