Help with Viewmodel/Gun clipping

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    I want to solve gun clipping, primarily by scaling down the model
    One issue that comes with this is when i aim down sights, the model gets close to the camera and the rendering of the model basically goes whack

  2. What is the issue? Include screenshots / videos if possible!
    Issues regarding the methods ive tried so far:
    Using a ViewportFrame- Works but extremely bad lighting, not what im looking for
    Scaling down the viewport - This too also works, but as point one stated, the rendering basically goes weird , Ive searched online and i did not encounter any issue similar to mine

Scaled Down model:

Normal (Unscaled, gun clipping issue) Model:

As you can see, in the first image a few of the parts (my right hand and a few of the gun’s part) we’re too close to the camera causing it to be basically shoved inside the camera and since roblox only renders the OUTSIDE surfaces of a part, it shows this weird and offputing transparent-like texture that I’d like to solve

'd Appreciate any form of help


Idk if this is helpful but most games solve gun clipping by just making a rlly small gun rlly close to the camera on the player’s client and then for everyone else its just a regular sized gun.

different clients different views.

other than that viewport frames suck and their lighting is terrible but thats the only better solution i could think of if u dont want that terrible lighting.

this is a video i found that shows how to do it with viewports tho


Yes, that was exactly my issue, by scaling the model down itll experience rendering issues because it will overlap with the camera

I prefer to keep the scaled-down method more than using viewport, as id just forget about solving gun clipping rather than to use viewport

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if its clipping the camera you have to move it forward. you could also try changing fov. if the model is too small and ur experiencing render issues with that you could scale it up and attach a hitbox to the humanoid root part’s front to keep them from moving within a certain distance of a wall just enough that u can keep it not clipping.

Also models have a level of detail dropdown if that helps too you can try setting it to streaming mesh which will lower the quality instead of making lower detailed meshes just disapear.

I did try changing FOV and offsetting the gun when aiming down sights and it resulted in either the background being too zoomed in or the gun barely visible