Help with voice chat

Hi! I wanted to enable Spatial Voice for my game, it is enabled, and I also have my own settings enabled. However, for some reason, when I get into a VC Game it will work, but on my game it wont

And YES, spatial voice is enabled in my game

(Dont know if this is the correcy topic to post on tho)

You need to have spatial voice chat yourself to use it. (If you already do, contact Roblox Support.)

As I mentioned earlier, I do have spatial voice enabled for myself and it works on other games but mine doesnt, I havent modified chat scripts except the resize and bubble chat settings

If you have more than 30 players in your game then it won’t work. Also did you run the code required for it to work?

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Damn I didnt think about that, yea my game has 100 players max