Help with water render distance?

Can anyone give me advice on how I can counter act the horrile render distance of water? (I have my graphics up to the max, not sure why Roblox insists on making the water render distance only like 100 studs :angry:, it doesn’t cause any lag)

But it just looks bad, like half the oceans been drained… is there any strategies I can use to make it look like the water goes on forever?


I agree with you that is really annoying. You could try:

  • Adding a part that disguises as water. The part would be the same color.

  • Keeping the camera zoom distance under 30, so it won’t be noticeable at all.

Keep in mind that players on low-end devices usually have their graphics low, so if they zoomed out I doubt they would be able to see the water at all.

The game you’re making seems really cool btw.

Hope this helps.


Problem with adding a part is it looks good zoomed out, but if you go swimming you can see the part in the water

You can just make the part invisible and non-collidable whenever you are getting close enough for the water to load. That’s a really easy add-on.