Help With Weld In A Model

Pivoting a model didn’t work, the pivot part gets pivoted by the model instead of the pivot part pivoting the model.

I have a model that has a main part and other several parts that connect to the main one with weld constraint so it can move along. Then the main part is welded using Weld on another separate part, like a door with several parts then turned using Weld CFrame. When I try to do so, the pivot gets pivoted by the model instead.

I tried another solution by having more new parts connect to the pivot with weld constraints so that it’s larger, but it didn’t work.

try changing the C1’s position/orientation in the weld, or C0.

If you were mistaken, I guess the post concerned this, “Welds do not have any directionality. Part0 or Part1, doesn’t matter. You can imagine rigid joints forming a tree branching down from the root part. All the parts down the tree from root will move, and their welded “children” in this tree will move with them.”.
If you weren’t, the “C1 or C0” is not the solution.

Also I wasn’t aware of that when I first published the help post

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