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Hey, I’m needing help with making a destructing system that works like real life physics with gravity etc.

Layer 1, Layer 2, Layer 3. Alright all layers are welded into 1 unanchored part. If I were to delete layer 3 (bottom) it would fall as there is no ground for it to be on, but if there was, and I deleted layer 2 (middle) it wouldn’t make layer 1 fall, because layer 3 is already supporting the whole upper levels. How would I fix this issue in Roblox?

I don’t have any scripts related to fix this issue, and I can already predict that I will need one, which is related to why I’ve labeled this as “Scripting Support”. If I don’t need scripting then sorry.

Any help appreciated!

Edit: This is just an example, so I’m asking for a fix towards a bigger build.
Edit 2: I don’t wanna use a :Destroy solution, I want the parts to fall unanchored and unsupported.

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You can weld each Part to the one directly below it. That way if the lower rows of Parts are destroyed the building will drop down, but the layers above will still be supported. You may not want to weld each of the bottom row to the ground though, or you will get a building that will be supported by just one Part.

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I know, but if there’s a part next to it, it would just fall in some sort of stripe like shapes. I could weld them onto the part next to it. That wouldn’t cause any problems, right?

If you weld a part next to it and the one below it wasn’t supporting it anymore it would just hang.
Why not build it with the Parts staggered like a regular brick wall and put a zig-zag of welds from the parts above to the parts below.

If I had 4 parts next to each other that we called layer 1. If one part is welded to the part below, only one part would fall at a time making it look like it’s less stable. But I could try to play around with it.

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I managed to make a solution. For readers, I did this:


I had 4 parts on each layer. Bottom had all parts welded to the primary part (I’m having it anchored just for your info), middle has all parts welded to bottom and top to middle.

Simple, right? But to make it a little more realistic, I did this: Let’s call the 4 parts by where they’re standing:

Left, LeftMiddle, RightMiddle, Right.


-(the symbol “>” just means it’s welded to).
-You also have to delete the welds. If you just delete the part, it will leave the thing floating.

Here’s the welding chaos:

Left > LeftMiddle
LeftMiddle > Left
LeftMiddle > RightMiddle
RightMiddle > LeftMiddle
RightMiddle > Right
Right > RightMiddle

Hope this gives you people with the same problem a better understanding of how to create a good destruction system!

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