Help/Feedback of this low poly fountain I've made

Hiya guys, I’ve made this cute low poly fountain, and I wanted your opinion about it, is there any improvements that I need.

Also, I’m quite confused about using beam tho, can somebody help me out?

Here’s my fountain pic:


I intended to put a water falling down type of beam that shoots from the fountain tip to the main base, fyi

This is really simple, the cobblestone material doesn’t fit a fountain at all. You can add more details.

This doesn’t look low poly though.

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it gives old roblox vibes tbh its not low poly looking tho


Low poly = Low in polygons, the material doesn’t affect the amount of triangles in a mesh.
Maybe you talking about Cartoon theme, not Low Poly


Yeah, you can say that I’m talking about cartoonish type…

I can try to add more details to it, what will you suggest if were you?

The shape of the fountain can be improved

Change the water color to more white-ish and try making the water sprinkle.


Changing the water colour, and of course the details on that fountain, I can fix that…

But the water sprinkle is one of the other issue I’m having troubles with. I’m trying to use the beam object wcih is useful for making trails and effects. In this case, I wanted to make the water sprinkle just like in that picture. I am having trouble learning to use beam, so would you mind, thanks!

You need to do the sprinkle thing with particle emitters. A beam wouldn’t work because it only goes straight. There is a waterfall plugin in the library.

EDIT: I linked it

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Thanks @Dolphin_Worm, much appreciated :slight_smile:

So far the fountain looks quite basic.

Try adding some areas where the water could fall to the bottom bowl add some spouts connecting to the fountain so the water has a way of coming down to the bottom area, this is what you would see in the real world as well add some height and make it wide a bit more to create a decent structure.

If you’re wanting to achieve the top shower water flow feature, insert a Particle Emitter set the Acceleration to 0,-80,0 and tweaks the particle emissions such as (Lifetime - Rate - Speed - SpreadAngle ect). The wall sprinkles are quite simple to make with doing a bit experiment with it on your own, if you’re not familiar with using the particle emitter try using it to achieve this as you will learn over time.

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I wouldn’t call this a low poly fountain, as the cobblestone ruins the basic effect of it.

You only need to use ParticleEmitters for the fountain though, beams are used for straight ‘beams’, like lights and reflections.

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Thanks for the tip, I’d be sure to make changes of it