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About Me

Hello, I am Hemitheos and I am here to share my UGC concepts with the hopes of being able to join the program someday soon! I have been playing Roblox for almost 13 years, as well as creating 3D models and textures as a hobby for around 5 years. While 3D modelling is my passion, I also do programming and I am currently making a game in Roblox Studio. I am able to create a variety of different types of assets. Everything you see here is 100% my work - fully modelled and textured by me!

UGC Concepts

I have decided to create a wide range of UGC Concepts to hopefully cover all types of demands for different types of accessory. The majority of the following screenshots are taken inside Roblox Studio (primarily those with blue/grey backgrounds), however some are from Blender.

1. Hair



Tiara Variants

In-Game Screenshots


2. Hats

Silver Tiara

Claw Crown

3. Back

Black Back Sword

Ashen Angel Wings

4. Shoulder

Low Poly Shih-Tzu Friend

5. Accessory Combos

Other Work

Games Console

This was one of my earliest projects when I was learning to 3D model a few years ago. I manually modelled a games console and made renders of it in Blender.

Roblox Weapons

I created weapons for a battle royale style game I was making. I left them untextured as I enjoy the clean look they have when given a metal material in-game.

Thank you for checking out my portfolio!

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