Here are some thumbnails I made for a game called "Retroblox"

Sorry for the low quality, I lost the original file of the images so I can only show what I got left.


They look great! I like how you did “RetroBlox” for the title.

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I have no idea what is going on in the first image, and the second one confuses me because both avatars seem to be going down the ramp side ways?
everything else about it looks great.

Also, Is that more skatepark in the background, or is that all something else?
i could definitely see a great angle of maybe one of the avatars grinding on a rail
while another is in the background going down a ramp

For the first one, its just an inside joke lol. The joke is about the game “Kool Killer” in Retroblox and how easy it is to win as the Killer since nobody notices that your right behind them going to strike. For the second one, its a mistake that I should look into. Anyways, thanks for the feedback! I will make sure I’ll improve.

Yes that is a skatepark. You should try out Retroblox to find out if your curious enough to do so.