Here is a Roblox Module with EVERY LIMITED ITEM from this day. (This includes id's, name, and current RAP Value)

Literally the title explains exactly what it is. It’s a module script that only returns a massive 8288 line table which holds all items sorted in the following fashion.

[assetId] = {
    ["Name"] = "Collectable's Name",
    ["Price"] = 2321312, --An example price
}, --This is an older version of the module

I have updated the module!
Minor update that will simply add more info to the table and update the prices to todays rap values.

[assetId] = {
    ["AssetStock"] = 1000, --An example stock amount (No info = NA)
    ["ImageID"] = "rbxthumb://type=Asset&id=assetId&w=420&h=420",
    ["Name"] = "Collectable's Name",
    ["OriginalPrice"] = 500, --An example originalPrice (No originalPrice = NA)
    ["Price"] = 2321312, --An example price

How to use this module:
If you want a really easy way to use this module, it’s quite simple. Basically, all you want to do is require the module (Either using the ID, or actually importing the module manually and line it with the modules’ path) and use it as much as you want.

Here are some examples on how to use it.

print(require(10131123260)) --Change "10131123260" with module path if needed.
--This will cause your game to freeze for a second and afterwards, 
--it will display all the items within a table.

You could even loop through all the items to figure out (For fun) how much rap is in roblox as an entirety. Here is example code for that.

local AllRobloxItems = require(10131123260) --This will get the list of items in the table
local TotalRap = 0 --This is a global variable to find out how much rap we have on roblox

for i,v in pairs(AllRobloxItems) do --This loops through the table, i = assetId. v = Table of info
	if v.Price then --This is incase an items price is Nan (Some items on roblox are nil)
		TotalRap+=v.Price --This adds the rap to the initial number

print(TotalRap)--This prints the total amount of rap on roblox.

Here is the module:


Why should we use this over the Roblox MarketplaceService function or the Web API, which gives us updated price information?!/Catalog/post_v1_catalog_items_details

(You can use a proxy to get around the link)


Because If you try to use the Roblox web API in a script, it will return forbidden because Roblox doesn’t allow users to use it in a Roblox game. A way to bypass this is by using a web proxy service to return the web api’s raw json data. On top of that, the marketplaceService doesn’t offer the RAP or current price for limiteds. Although for normal assets it does, and that’s why I would use this.
(Unless you can find or make your own web proxy)

But what happens when Roblox uploads new limiteds? Do we have to manually add them?

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I’m guessing this user will update the module accordingly and you can get the auto update by using require(assetid)instead of having a manual copy in your place.

You can use proxies to get around this.

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Well ofc! You can always use a proxy to literally get live updated pricing for items, although hosting a proxy isn’t always free. Not only that, most services such as railway, Glitch, and many more have also opted to remove all proxies that are being created using their services. Therefore, you’d have to make your very own proxy which most people don’t know how to do. On the other hand, you have this module (Which was generated using info from my proxy and then placed into this module)