Hero Havoc’s Shop Rotations - June 7th 2024!

:gem: Shop Rotation! :gem:


World 2.1.87 Patch 0 - Get :boom: the best of the best :speaking_head: EARTH :earth_africa: WIND :cloud_tornado: Heroes!

:gem: :cold_sweat: Redeem “NEWSHOPS” for 700 FREE GEMS :open_mouth: :gem:

@HHPing Meet my newest 1-Page batch of Heroes! I’m looking forward on how I can make the game have regular updates, hence I’m shifting how I make shops from now on.

:point_right: :bow_and_arrow: Huntress

• Triple Shot
Attacks up to 3 enemies per attack. This attack ignores 10% defense.
• Thrill of the Hunt
This hero has a 100% chance of inflicting bleed to non-humanoid enemies.
• Natural Hunter
Does 300% damage to enemies with more than 90% of their max health.
• Adrenaline
Upon an enemy’s death, increase the speed of this hero by 20%.
:star2: Pierce III
Ignores 30% of the enemy’s defense.
:star2: Silencing Arrow
Whenever this hero attacks, has a 35% chance to inflict silence and crit on the enemy.

:point_right: :bomb: Armedadillo

• Pierce III
Ignores 30% of the enemy’s defense.
• Strong Armor
This hero has 100% more defense.
:star2: Tsar Bomba
This hero’s first attack will hit all enemies and deal 10% of their max health.

:point_right: :triangular_flag_on_post: Centurion :military_medal:

• Defensive Phalanx
Enemies do 20% less damage to your allies.
• Officer’s Equipment
This hero is outfitted with higher-grade equipment, granting this hero 25% more defense and 20% evasion.
:star2: Primus Pilus
As the senior of the First Cohort, this hero gains Taunt. Whenever this Hero or ANY allied Hero on this team attack an enemy, they have a 100% chance to lower their power, defense, and speed by 5%. Caps at 50%.

:point_right: :ninja: Ninja Koala

• Koala Shuriken
Attacks using a Shuriken!
• Kage Bunshin no Jutsu
Attacks on this hero miss 50% of the time.
:star2: Adaptive Motivation
Whenever an enemy is inflicted with a status, increase all allies’ speed by 1%.

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