Hero Havoc’s Shop Rotations - March 2nd 2024!

:gem: Shop Rotation! :gem:

World 2.1.35 Patch 4 - Get :boom: some of the best :speaking_head: Fire & Elementless Heroes!

:gem: Redeem “MIMETIME” for 1750 FREE GEMS!!! 2500 USES ONLY!!! :gem:

@HHPing NEW ELEMENTLESS HERO :speaking_head: :speaking_head: :speaking_head:

:point_right: Mime

• Muted
This hero is immune to Silence. Whenever an allied hero is inflicted with Silence they gain 25% chance to land a critical hit.
• Mimicry
Copies all the abilities of ONE Elementless ally.
• Invisible Wall
All allies take 10% less damage and block the next attack every 5 attacks this hero makes.
:star2: Back’n Forth
Silence all enemies for 5 seconds at the start of the battle. If there is an allied Jester on the team, all allied Jesters and Mimes gain 30% power.
:star2: Reworked

:point_right: Jester

• The Vagabond
This hero increases all allies’ defense by 50%, but takes 25% more damage.
• Ars Tragoedia
This hero sends the enemies into a blind rage, increasing their power by 20%, but reducing their accuracy by 20%.
• Masked
This hero is immune to Silence, and is less likely to be inflicted with Charm.
:star2: Chaotic Turnabout
This hero jumbles up your allied hero’s stats! All allies have their power increased by 50%, but have their defense lowered by 25%.

:point_right: Owol Mother

• Phoenix
This hero has a 70% chance to burn on attack. This hero revives once per fight. Can’t be copied.
• My Children
When this hero dies, fully heal all allied Owols.
• Boss
This hero is immune to percentage damage attacks. This hero refuses to attack if you have more than two bosses.
:star2: Fire
This hero becomes Fire type.
:star2: Firestorm
Burned enemies have a 10% chance to miss their attacks!
:star2: Fire Hazard
While an enemy is inflicted with Burn, all Fire-type allies attack that enemy twice.
:star2: Reworked

:point_right: JUBBIGT

• Titan Killer
Does 600% damage to mythic heroes. This hero can’t do more than 30% health damage per attack.
• 3D Maneuver Gear
Attacks on this hero miss 30% of the time.
• Pierce II
Ignores 15% of the enemy’s defense.
• Dual Wielding Proficiency
Any allied hero that attacks with two weapons gains 15% attack speed and 15% power.
:star2: Precise Slicing
Whenever this hero scores a critical hit for the first time, all allied heroes gain the Annihilation status for 3 seconds. Heroes inflicted with Annihilation gain a 100% chance to score a critical hit. Activates again on death.

That’s not all folks! :point_down:

We have even more fun heroes :open_mouth: Try these heroes :crossed_swords: right down below! :gem:

:point_right: Bamboozler

• Absorption
Upon hitting a Water-type enemy, heal this hero for 5% of their max health. Whenever this hero does damage, heals for 50% of that.
• Plant Boost
All allied Plant-types gain 10% power, speed, and defense.
:star2: Plant Overgrowth
All allied Plant-type attacks are always super effective.
:star2: Reworked

:point_right: DJ Guy

• Rhythmmaster Paragon
Refuses to attack if more than one DJ Guy ally is present. Cannot be copied.
• Beatblaster DELUXE
Attacks up to FIVE enemies at once, with very intense soundwaves.
:star2: DJ’s Beats
DJ Guy Get’s 2 “Beats” Abilities, check all possible combinations on the DJ’s Heropedia!
:star2: Sound Barrier
All enemies have their speed lowered by 20%. This hero boosts all allied heros’ speed by 20%.

:point_right: Village Dunce

• Pacifist
This hero will never attack during battle. Can’t be copied.
:star: Silent Soulbringer
Whenever an enemy is inflicted with Silence, have a 40% chance to steal a soul.
:star2: The Ferryman
Whenever a gold bar drops, also has a 1% chance to drop a soul.

:point_right: Gamer

• Oppression
Enemies do 50% more damage to this hero.
• Target
NPCs will target this character first.
• Unshowered
Any enemy that hits this hero has a 10% chance to become poisoned. This hero takes 50% less damage from Water-type heroes.
:star2: Midnight Munchies
This hero gains 50% power, takes 100% less damage, and attacks 50% faster. Can’t be copied.

But wait, there’s more! This one is as always aimed for newer players, we love & appreciate you dearly :heart_hands:

:point_right: Mobster

• Locked and Loaded
Shoots 30 times at random enemies whenever they attack.
:star2: Tax Avoider
This hero is always targeted first. This hero gains 20% evasion. Whenever this hero is attacked, it drops a gold bar. Whenever this hero causes gold to drop, it has a 10% chance to drop gold bars whenever gold is dropped.

:point_right: Samurai Gorilla

• Clairvoyance
This hero blocks every third attack. Can’t be copied.
• Demon King’s Power
All other allies do 50% more damage.
• Swift Strike
Slashes 2 times at random enemies.
• Instructor
Boosts all allies’ experience gain by 10%.
• Refined Technique
This hero takes two-thirds of damage from attacks. Can’t be copied.
:star2: Mikazuki
Ignores 5% of the enemy’s defense, and has a 15% chance to inflict Bleed on the enemy. When an enemy is inflicted with Bleed, increase this hero’s crit chance by 6%. Caps at 30%. Can’t be copied.
:star2: Reworked

:point_right: Noob Swordsman

• Unaware
Immune to all status effects. Can’t be copied. Doesn’t work in Battle Coliseum.
:star2: Average Assailant
Whenever this hero attacks, they gain 2% speed, 4% power, and 4% defense - caps at 25 uses. Whenever an enemy attacks this hero, they lose 2% power, defense, and speed. - caps at 25 uses.

:point_right: Blacksmith

• Armor Up
Enemies do 30% less damage to your allies.
• Stun I
Has a 5% chance to stun enemy on attack.
:star2: Forged in Fire
This hero has a 50% chance to double a weapon whenever one is dropped.

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