Hero Havoc’s Shop Rotations - Valentines!

:gem: Shop Rotation! :gem:

World 2.1.28 Patch 3 - Raze down :index_pointing_at_the_viewer: enemies with this :fire: shop rotation!

Use “FREE1000GEMS” for FREE 1K GEMS :gem:

@HHPing Continue your journey across the lands with Inari, a new Mythical Fire-Type Hero!

:point_right: :fire: Inari :fox_face:

• Will-o-wisp
This hero has a 15% to charm the enemy. Whenever an enemy is Charmed, they miss 10% of their attacks for the rest of the battle.
• Illusionist
This hero has a 10% chance to dodge enemy attacks.
• Reignited Leadership
This hero is immune to negative stat changes. All allies have a 5% chance to Burn enemies.
• Scorched Earth Tactics
At the start of battle, Burn all enemies for 10 seconds.
:star2: Flaring Affliction
Whenever an enemy is burned, they can’t heal.

:point_right: :ninja: Shadow Diakonos :dagger:

• Betrayed Assassin
This hero is immune to percentage damage attacks. This hero refuses to attack if you have more than two bosses.
• Shadowy Steps
This hero has a 20% chance to dodge incoming attacks.
• Assassination Proficiency
This hero attacks 10% faster and has a 5% chance to silence the enemy.
• Poisoned Dagger
This hero has a 15% chance to inflict Poison on the enemy.
• Hidden Daggers
This hero hits two enemies with daggers, ignoring 5% of their defense.
:star2: Duplicating Daggers
This hero attacks 2 times whenever they attack, dealing 15% less damage.
:star2: Malicious Intent
This hero is slightly more likely to induce status effects.

:point_right: :punch: Martial Artist wish_z :fire:

• Blazing Bonfire
Grants all allies’ Burn III, which gives them a 25% chance to burn on attack.
• Contagious Greed
Grants all allies Money Lover, which increases their chance by 25% to get items in battle.
:star2: Unconstrained Determination
All Allies are immune to Stun. All Allies gain a 5% chance to Stun.

:point_right: :woman_mage: Blast Girl :boom:

• Explosion
Attacks using explosions. This attack never misses.
• Shock Wave
Attacks up to four enemies, with a 20% chance to Stun.
:star: Secret Mana Technique
Whenever this hero attacks, this hero gets 2.5% slower. Caps at 15%.
:star2: Explosion Lover
Increase this hero’s speed by 2.5% whenever this hero attacks, capping at 25%. Has a 5% chance to Charm the enemy.

That’s not all folks! :point_down:

Love is in the air :heartpulse: Valentine’s Theme Page in the Hero Store :two_hearts: Happy Valentine’s Day Hero Havoc :sparkling_heart:

:point_right: :heart: Pink Owol :bird:

• Owol Protector
All allied Owols take 15% less damage.
:star2: You’re The Owol One For Me
:star2: Center of Attention
NPCs will target this Hero first.

:point_right: :hearts: Love Trooper :mushroom:

• Charm II
Has a 10% chance to charm enemy on attack.
:star2: Soulless
When released, this hero will not produce a soul.

:point_right: :heart_eyes: Cassidy :pepeGun2:

• Cassidy’s Revolver
Shoots 6 times at random enemies whenever she attacks.
• Queen of The Forest
This hero commands the subjects of The Forest, which grants a 10% power and speed buff to Forest Allies.
• Bane of the Crooked
This hero does 100% more damage to Bandit and Evil-type enemies.
:star2: Loving Command
At the start of the battle, everyone on the battleground becomes infatuated with Cassidy’s commands, gaining a 10% increase in speed.

:point_right: :chocolate_bar: Chef :cook:

• Burn I
Has a 5% chance to burn enemy on attack.
:star2: Box of Chocolates
Life is like a box of chocolates, you never know what you’re going to get!

But wait, there’s more! This one is aimed for newer players, we love & appreciate you too :heart_hands:

:point_right: :tshirt: Minigunner :boom:

• Selfish
Refuses to attack if you have more than two Mythic heroes on your team.
• Minigun
Shoots bullets at random enemies until an enemy dies. Can’t be copied.
:star2: Spray and Miss
This hero hits 50% of their shots. Not affected by abilities.
:star2: Soulless
When released, this hero will not produce a soul.

:point_right: :dark_sunglasses: Swag Owol :sunflower:

• Sharpshooter
This hero never misses.
• Backstabber
30% extra chance to score critical hits.
:star2: Lucky Blessing
Allies have a 50% increased chance to get items in battle.

:point_right: :pirate_flag: Davy Jones :squid:

• Cthulu’s Calling
Attacks up to 2 enemies using tentacles from the depths.
• Captain Oak’s Nemesis
This hero’s attack instantly kills Captain Oaks.
:star2: Conqueror’s Presence
At the start of each battle, stun all enemies for 5 seconds. Lower their defense by 15%.

:point_right: :shield: Mumlet :eyes:

• Taunt
Enemies will target this character first.
• Silencing Gaze
At the start of each battle, Silence all enemies for 10 seconds.
:star2: Iron Armor
This hero has 50% more defense and has a 10% chance to weaken the enemy upon attacking.

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