Herotroll0 // Game Translator Portfolio

About me
Greetings! I am Herotroll0, a member of the community since 2016. I have some experience in building and scripting, but I mainly specialize in translating games to the Czech language.

As a native Czech speaker, I noticed that there is quite a large community of players from Czechia, many of whom are not proficient at English. After the new Localization Tools were added to Roblox, I set myself a new goal - to bring Roblox games closer to Czech players.

I can offer full game translations, including badges, developer products and thumbnails, if provided.

My opinion on translating
In my opinion, translating isn’t just about taking words and trying to find their eqivalent in another language. It is about making the game feel like it was made in that language in the first place. If we simply throw the words into Google Translate, we will get a stiff, soulless, and often incorrect translation. It is important not to translate everything literally, but to account for cultural and linguistic differences (puns and metaphors that wouldn’t work if translated literally) between the two languages, and use them to our advantage - to bring the game even closer to the target audience.

So far, I have translated the following games:

Innovation Inc. Spaceship by Festivereinhard2
(Innovation Inc. Spaceship - Roblox)

Super Smash Builders Computer Core Facility by Super Smash Builders
This was just a project I did with my friends several years back. The translation is incomplete. I do not work on the game anymore.

I am now seeking opportunities to translate more games.

I do not require any kind of payment, translating is my hobby. My only requirements are for the game to be at least semi-popular, with around several hundred concurrent players on average.

I am normally available from 15:00 to 23:00 on weekdays (except on Monday and Thursday - from 17:30) and from 12:00 to 0:00 during the weekend.
I am in the CET timezone.

You can contact me here, via Roblox PMs or via Discord - Herotrolll#2967.

Thank you for reading! :slight_smile: