Hexagon Energy Research Facility Archive

I`m happy to present the Info & Update Archive for my core game! Yay

Version 0.07

The Freezing Update:

  • New Freezedown & Coolant
  • Added E-Coolant
  • Added a little more areas
  • Refreshed 1st half of Startup (again)
  • Screen 2 was given some love
  • Very small Facility redesigns
  • Small Performance Updates (yet again)
  • Fixed the Lift (Still has some issues)
    And hopefully squashed some more bugs…
Version 0.06

The Advancement Update:

  • Refreshed Startup
  • Added E-Coolant (WIP)
  • Extra Room for Exploration
  • Refreshed Announcements
  • Brand new screen for Core Chamber (WIP)
  • Reworked Near Meltdown (should be more dramatic)
  • Small Performance Updates
    And hopefully squashed some icky bugs…
Version 0.05

The Release Update:

  • Added Meltdown
  • Shutdown System (WIP)
  • Added Heating (Coolant Soon)
  • Added Core Sounds
  • Small Performance Updates
    Aaaand Bug Fixes…
Version 0.04

The Redo Update:
(Somewhere in 2021)

  • Entire facility rebuild
  • New scripts
  • Removed Rockets, Added Bunker (Fire Exit coming soon)
  • Added Lifts (Still WIP)
  • Added Vent System (WIP)
    Bug Fixes…
Version 0.03

The Core Update:

  • Revamped Core Chamber
  • Redone some scripts
  • New Rocket Silos
  • Freezedown Added

Not much in this update

Version 0.02

The Core Update:

  • New Screens & Temperature

I cant remember what I added in that version