Hexlinee - Scripting Portfolio

About me

Hello there, I am Hexlinee. I’m 17 years old. I live in Turkey. I know C1 level of English and some little German. I’ve been scripting for about 4 years now.

I’ve had a passion for programming (I’ve been learning and using it since I was 10) and I’m always open to learning new tools and frameworks. I’ve used AeroGameFramework, Knit, Promise, Maid, and Fusion regularly in my projects.

I use several team/game management tools as well such as Trello, Milanote, Google Meet, Zoom, Slack, ClickUp, Github, and many more.

I’ve been playing video games ever since I knew myself and I always had ideas about improving some games even when I was little (That’s one of the main reasons I started game development). I want to keep on improving and brainstorm new ideas for upcoming games.

I have some interest in some other aspects of the game development project even if I am not as proficient in those as in programming. Those aspects are UI/UX development, Game Designing, and Data Science.

Work Ethic

While working I like to put myself deadlines even if you don’t give me deadlines. If you give I’d do my best to plan everything based on that deadline. I don’t like sitting around without tasks so I’d do side things while I’m waiting for a new task if there is not any at that moment. I sometimes take 30 minutes breaks to relax. Those breaks are undecided but it wouldn’t be a problem for me to return from those breaks. In terms of scripting, I write my scripts modular. I mostly use Rojo and I use frameworks to set up my work. But I wouldn’t have a problem with not using them either. I mostly comment on my scripts a lot and make everything changeable so it’s easy to understand and change my script even if you are not a scripter. In terms of motivation what motivates me the most is being known about the work I do. I’m not currently known for my work that much but it motivates me more so one day I can achieve it.

Previous Work

You can find some of my works in my youtube channel too

A placement system that I made and improved over time.

A radial GUI system that has only the number of slots as an input. The script covers the rest of the job. In this video, I change the values in order to show how it works.

A slime which I think is cute looking.


A UI that I made and animated myself.


A chat script that I made.

I am the main developer of this game:

And I’ve previously worked on this game:

You can reach me at (Discord): hexlinee