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Hey there :wave: ! I’m 14 and I’m a 9th grader living in Turkey. I’m fluent in lua and I can speak Turkish :tr:, English :uk: and a little bit of German :de: . I’ve been in the Roblox Community with various accounts I forgot their passwords :grinning:

I’m offering you my services as a scripter and a UI Designer. I have nearly 2 years of experience on UI Design and scripting and I can spend 180 hours a month for development. (This can change when the school starts) I’ve started learning lua in 2017 and started commisions in 2018.

Here’s some scripting stuff that I can present for this portfolio . Keep in mind I am not limited to these. :scroll:

Checkpoint System
Checkpoint System - YouTube

Round System
Round System - YouTube

Healthbar :heart:

Placement Module:
Placement System - YouTube

Barber Tycoon Shop / Hypabel - YouTube

Plot Selection:
Roblox Plot Selection Test 1 - YouTube

Another Shop:

Terrain Generation:
Minecraft Terrain Test - YouTube

Loading Screen:

Main Menu and Selection Screen:

I’m available at least five hours a day, 180 hours a month. Eventhough this can change when the schools start it won’t effect the delivery because I do my work as fast and good and possible.

For Scripting:

  • Per Asset:
    :robux: 5k+
    :dollar: 15$+

  • Monthly
    :robux: 100k+

Thanks for reading! :slight_smile:

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I meant to say month. :man_facepalming:

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