Hexolus Public Testing Roadmap (1/26/2021)

This roadmap intentionally does not have version numbers, as, things will probably update a lot more out of order than the original roadmap.

+Early (ETA: Within one to four months)
=== Structures stage II
  - Beyond shield generators other structures in the game will get their three variants, a dead state, and their relevant stats (But won't yet be in use)
  - Model Spawn structure
  - Model Turrets
  - Model Tanks
  - Model Transmitter interface
  - Model Refinery
  - Model AI Interface
=== Pipes & energy stage I
  - Pipe placement system
  - Energy transfer
  - Temporary test structures which produce, consume, or can store energy
  - Temporary, less performant energy graph with slower node processing
=== Live updating
  - Code to periodically check the game for updates & load them in
  - Changelogs stored within the game & automatically posted to Discord when every server has updated
  - Indication of a server update in game, and the ability to view changelogs (in an unobtrusive way)
  - Migration of terrain from one server version to the next
  - Reloading of any structures in the game without wiping data
=== Attribute implementation
  - Roblox recently released Attributes into a studio beta which means they will be releasing sometime soon, likely within a month or two. Many of Hexolus' features have been held back for this update specifically for over a year now
  - All entities will use attributes instead of the current system botched together in place of them
  - Structure attribute viewer (E.g. the ability to view shield health, size, etc)

+Mid (ETA: Within four to eight months)
=== Pipes & energy state II
  - Convert old structures to use the energy system
  - Update energy graph to something much faster
=== Blueprints
  - Rather than structures simply being built, blueprints are created instead which require resources dependent on the structure to actually build the structure.
=== Resources
  - Resources generate in the world
  - Iron
  - Hexamine
  - Stable Hexamine
  - Unstable Hexamine
  - Celite
    - Hexamine & iron alloy, similar to steel
  - Strange Celite
    - Variant of Celite which is significantly stronger and has additional unique properties (from Stable Hexamine)
  - Active Celite
    - Variant of Celite used as a hot, burning explosive (from Unstable Hexamine)

+Late (ETA: Within a year to a year and a half)
=== Persistent Servers
  - Ability for servers to persistently save structures & their epic data periodically and upon shutdown and load them upon restart
  - Ability for epic producers, consumers, resource gathering, etc to be automatically calculated when the server comes back online (Even for AIs, which would use statistical data for estimation)
=== AI systems (Likely will be a multi-stage update)
  - Internal game APIs for AI code to actually function epicly
  - AI Chips & default AI behaviours that are epic
  - The ability to share custom AIs with other players privately or publicly and epicly (Basically will refer to this as locked and unlocked custom AI chips)
    - The ability for a player to create epic "backdoored" code is actually intentional too
  - The default epic AIs would be locked chips until I actually did the rest of the epic AI chip work
  - Exporting and importing of custom AIs epicly via studio plugin
  - Code sandboxing for custom AIs epicly
=== Structures (Stage III)
  - Implement each of the previously modeled structures into the game epicly
=== Make the game epic epicly
  - Now, this is epic