Hey! Check Out What I Just Builded!

Hello Developers!
I Just Made An House And I Wanted You To rate it somehow.
Link for anyone who wants play this game: (dont look at thumbail xD)

And Here Some Screenies:


Note: I Must update gamepass so don’t buy it.


Hey there I really like the cartoony building but it’s really bright maybe you can discrease it a bit, also you should fix the sofa’s structure
I really like you building style keep building!

“Builded” is not a word, but I think you meant ‘built.’ Very nice house, the wood texture kinda bothers me, but that’s just me. I like the TV and exterior a lot.

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All of the furniture and appliances seem pretty big compared to your avatar. I suggest using a block rig as a human comparison to help you scale all of the furniture. Other than that it looks really good! :+1:


It’s nice buy try using less textures and more parts to make it look more decent.

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Hey hey, that’s quite a good shoutout for a building feedback post I see there…

Ok, I like the overall build, its kinda basic but looks legit cute, but the logo from the link you added, doesn’t give me relaxation vibes

well done it looks ok!

Better then my first game but I would make the texture for the pillars different it doesn’t fit and looks bad also try to lower the brightness. Other then that very nice.

yeah cuz that was my plan but idk what to do with it

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ok sure. thanks for feedback bro!

thank you so much! really its too bright and ill lower that.
thanks for replying!

yeah thank you so much!
btw thanks for reply!

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ok thanks for your tip! ill try that!
thank for reply!

yeah i will. thank you for feedback and for your reply!

thank you so much! thats very nice!
thanks for reply!

thanks you so much for the tip! ill do that!
btw thanks for reply!

Looks great for a start! Oh boy, ok so I would maybe add a sky, or a better one, and a sky box. There is also major lack of detail, detail is a major component in builds, looks great so far though!

thanks for your idea and reply! ill do that soon.

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