Hey! How would I write on a SurfaceGui? Client based of course!

Hey so I was wondering how I could let the player type on this text box located on a surfacegui on a part. How would I do this? I am looking for a combination of simple answers and only spoonfeed if required.


Here is the surfacegui inside the Game:

Here is the surfacegui in Explorer:

Thank you! If you need any visualization, please check out the images! Thank you in advantage :slight_smile:

P.S this might also become useful for newcomers, so more people can find information about this. I myself couldn’t find anything on the internet about this.


The problem, you cant type it on the surfacegui. Instead put a surfacegui on a playergui and then set its adornee to the part. This method is the thing i used in the fnaf 3 security camera system. It doesnt have a full screen mode if you get what i meant
(never tried the textbox but im pretty sure it should work)

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Works amazing as an alternative, thank you!