Hey. I need help with my RPName script as it is not working with my Name Tag script

Hello, everyone! I’m currently making a roleplaying game and in that game, I’m trying to add roleplay names. I made a script that works but is not doing what I want it to.

I want the script to allow the user to set their roleplay name.

Thanks if you can help. I’ll leave some images below.




F9 Panel


Forgot to add this above.


Are you changing your RP name to the same name as what it currently is? Correct me if I’m mistaken, but your server-side listener checks to see if the RP name they are trying to change to is the same as what their nametag already states.

This would beat the purpose of making a name changer if it only lets you change it to what it already is, and not something different.

It doesn’t work because you’re changing the variable, not the actual text value. Instead, move .Text into where you set the text, like so:

NameTag = Player.Character.Head.NameTag.TextPart
NameTag.Text = RPName

Remember to filter the text, so that people don’t put swear words or inappropriate words in the RP Name :slightly_smiling_face: